The Best Cut of Steak for Any Budget

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For protein lovers out there, there are the best cut of steaks that are available at every price and they are great for a hearty dinner or for special occasion. Find out how you can make a delicious yet budget-friendly steak meal with these cuts:

Chuck eye cutThe chuck eye steak cut is referred to as the “poor man’s ribeye” and it is a balance of meat and fat but at much less cost. It is great grilling but it should be cooked to red for a juicy perfection. It is a recommended cut and actually a favorite when it comes to meat source.

Flat iron cut

The flat iron cut comes from the shoulder part of the cow. The marbles add flavor to the meat, making it a new favorite in many steak-serving restaurants. However, the increase in demand for this cut choice may take this from the budget-friendly category.


The tri-tip cut has a triangular shape. It is a lean cut beef and it comes from the bottom sirloin part of the cow. Although it is not as juicy and beefy as the other parts, yet it makes a great steak to add to any meal or to a salad or sandwich.


From the lower stomach section, the hanger steak is very flavorful when cooked the right way and it is the tender part when done rare to medium rare. When cooked longer than suggested, the meat tends to shrink because of the long fibers and coarse texture of the meat. It is best for broiling or grilling.


Flap meat or steak cut comes from the loin part. It can become tender and flavorful when marinated first before cooking medium-rare to medium over high heat in the griller. It is a good choice of meat for grilling and it is one of the inexpensive parts.